CNeuromod month 2021 - the videos!

The videos of our presentations for the CNeuromod month 2021 are available on our youtube channel.

Hello, I am François Paugam, a PhD student and the one in charge of the special effects for the great videos we made for the CNeuromod month, our online progress report events. If you missed it, or if you are just curious to see what we are doing in the numerous and diverse branches of the CNeuromod project, or if you enjoyed the presentations so much that you want to watch them over and over, you can access them on our youtube channel.

Have a good time watching them, I hope you’ll appreciate our cutting edge special effects.

recording setup

Here is the list of the talks :

Date Title Speaker
March 15th, 11 am EDT Introduction of CNeuroMod Month and 2020 platform highlights Julie Boyle, MSc, Project Manager, Basile Pinsard, PhD, Data Manager and Valentina Borghesani, PhD
March 16th, 11 am EDT Interpretable and transferable brain decoding using deep graph convolution Yu Zhang, PhD
March 17th, 11 am EDT Modeling the functional activity of working memory using recurrent neural networks Pravish Sainath, PhD student
March 19th, 3 pm EDT Shinobi in the scanner: Development and validation of an fMRI/MEG controller and gaming platform André Cyr, MSc, Biomedical Engineer, Basile Pinsard, PhD, Data Manager and Yann Harel, PhD student
March 22nd, 11 am EDT Optimizing graph convolutional network model for Individual Brain Decoding using HCP-trt dataset Shima Rastegarnia, Master’s student
March 23rd, 3 pm EDT Data Release - Part I: of availability, quality, & activations Julie Boyle, MSc, Project Manager, Basile Pinsard, PhD, Data Manager and Valentina Borghesani, PhD
March 24th, 11 am EDT Finding similarity across neural diversity: An empirical evaluation of functional alignment Elizabeth DuPre, PhD student
March 26th, 11 am EDT AI-based modelling of brain and behaviour: Combining neuroimaging, Reinforcement learning and Video games Anirudha Kemtur, MSc
March 29th, 11 am EDT Generalizability of individual brain parcellations across movies and tasks in CNeuroMod 2020 Pierre Bellec, PhD
March 30th, 3 pm EDT Data Release - Part II: of anatomy, inter-subject correlation, & connectivity Elizabeth DuPre, PhD student and François Paugam, PhD student
March 31st, 11 am EDT NLP systems as model organisms for human language processing Mariya Toneva, PhD student
April 6th, 11 am EDT Cardiorespiratory variability indices of the movie10 dataset: towards multimodal encoding of affective processes François Lespinasse, MSc student
April 6th, 3 pm EDT Auto-regression of fMRI time series across different task conditions François Paugam, PhD student
April 7th, 11 am EDT How much can we learn from Friends: an auditory encoding model trained on Movie10 and Friends Maëlle Freteault, PhD student
April 8th, 11 am EDT Evolving Artificial Neural Networks to Imitate Human Behaviour in Shinobi III : Return of the Ninja Master Maximilien Le Clei, MSc student
April 9th, 3 pm EDT CNeuroMod research highlights Pierre Bellec, PhD