Courtois NeuroMod

The Courtois Project on Neuronal Modelling

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The Courtois NeuroMod project aims at training artificial neural networks using extensive experimental data on individual human brain activity and behaviour. Courtois NeuroMod data are freely shared with the scientific community to advance research at the interface of neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

Deep scanning

6 subjects, 100+ hours of functional neuroimaging per subject

Video Games etc

A wide range of cognitive tasks featuring extensive naturalistic paradigms, with movie watching and video games


Biosignals are collected concurrent to imaging, including cardiac, respiratory, skin conductance and high-resolution eye-tracking signals


Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging is acquired on a 3T Prisma Siemens, using simultaneous multislice sequences


Magnetoencephalography is acquired on a 275-sensor system manufactured in Canada by CTF Ltd.

structural MRI

Longitudinal structural imaging of the brain and spinal cord